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SOS Paris was founded in 1973 with the mission of defending the architectural and urban heritage of the city, and preserving the character of parisian life.

SOS Paris has developed the legal and technical expertise to help it intervene at all stages of a project’s planning process. The association has a president, a general secretary, and delegates for each Parisian borough (arrondissement). Access to information concerning applications for permits to build or demolish enables SOS Paris to interact with the authorities (Paris City Hall, mayors of the arrondissements and the members of the Paris City Council), as well with architects and developers.

The association can also bring a case concerning what it deems to be improper building-permit authorization before the courts.

The association publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Bulletin, distributed not only to its members but also to Paris City Council members and government stakeholders, as well as the media. This newsletter is also available online on this website and on Facebook and other social media.

Our objective is to influence decisions regarding the future of Paris architecture and urban planning. Our role is also to assist citizens and municipal officials in their efforts to prevent contempt of heritage, ignorance, or short-term profit, from prevailing.

Translation: Marie Karel

Our members are lovers of Paris who wish the unique character of Paris to be preserved !

Join SOS Paris association !

Annual regular membership dues :  € 50.

Students, job seekers : € 10.

Benefactors : € 100 and more .

Membership includes a subscription to the print edition of the SOS Paris Bulletin, sent to your home. 

Send checks to :

SOS Paris, 103, rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris, France


Online subscription :

PAYPAL, scroll down this page 


Our US team here !

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