An international petition against skyscrapers in Paris


An international petition, in English, was launched a year ago against the construction of skyscrapers in Paris, by Paris lovers and supporters of SOS Paris abroad. This online petition is still open and you can affix your signature too. Here is the link to access it :

Say « No » to Skyscrapers in Paris!

Dear friends,

The Paris City Council voted to build skyscrapers that will blight the city’s historic skyline. We can stop them now. Paris is the most visited city on earth, and it belongs to the world. Yet an earlier Paris City Council voted to allow skyscrapers and let the city of light and of romance be vandalized by giant ugly towers. Do Parisians want these skyscrapers? No! Polls show 63% against. We must act now! Sign the emergency petition now! Read more…

Read this page in french : click here